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Okay, I was just having this discussion on FB with a friend who thinks feminism is an ‘extremist movement’ and ‘gender centric’, and he brought up an excellent point.

Women have more rights than men when it comes to custody of their children. Women are seen as more capable, better care givers and ‘more loving’ than men, and therefore are often given more or sole custody over their children versus the children’s father.

THIS IS NOT RIGHT. I know at least a handful of men who are DESPERATE to see their kids more. Who are in fact more capable than caring for their kids than the children’s mothers. One guy I know has been battling for custody of his daughter for over a decade. He rarely sees her, despite living in the same area. He has a stable job and a nice flat. Her mother is mentally unstable, an alcoholic and refuses to get even a part time job. I know another man who is in a similar situation and his daughter is now about 15 years old.

The guy in question who I was discussing this with on FB has himself recently become a father. An unplanned pregnancy with a one night stand. But he stepped up and decided to take responsibility. His son is absolutely gorgeous. And I feel for him, I really do. He didn’t delve too deep into how much custody he has of his son, but is EQUAL custody not fair? Not every situation is the same, but men should not be punished just because women feel more ‘entitled’ to parenthood. Women grow the babies, but that doesn’t mean they are more capable parents.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed!

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